Quick start guide

Django version 1.4–1.8 needs to be installed to use django-cropduster. Installing cropduster should install its dependencies, django-generic-plus, Pillow, and python-xmp-toolkit.


pip install django-cropduster

Go to https://github.com/theatlantic/django-cropduster if you need to download a package or clone/fork the repository.


Open settings.py and add cropduster to your INSTALLED_APPS

    # ...

Add URL-patterns:

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    # ...
    url(r'^cropduster/', include('cropduster.urls')),

Collect the static files:

$ python manage.py collectstatic

Example Usage

Model field

CropDusterField takes the same arguments as Django’s ImageField, as well as the additional keyword argument sizes. The sizes should either be a list of cropduster.models.Size objects, or a callable that returns a list of Size objects.

from cropduster.models import CropDusterField, Size

class ExampleModel(models.Model):

    image = CropDusterField(upload_to="some/path", sizes=[
        Size("main", w=1024, h=768, label="Main", auto=[
                Size("square", w=1000, h=1000),
                Size("main@2x", w=2048, h=1536, required=False),
        Size("thumb", w=400, label="Thumbnail"),
        Size("freeform", label="Free-form")])

    second_image = CropDusterField(upload_to="some/path",
        sizes=[Size("100x100", w=100, h=100)])

Given the above model, the user will be prompted to make three crops after uploading an image for field image: The first “main” crop would result in a 1024x768 image. It would also generate a 1000x1000 square image (which will be an optimal recropping based on the crop box the user created at the 4/3 aspect ratio) and, optionally, a “retina” crop (“main@2x”) if the source image and user crop are large enough. The second “thumbnail” cropped image would have a width of 400 pixels and a variable height. The third “freeform” crop would permit the user to select any size crop whatsoever.

The field second_image passes the keyword argument field_identifier to CropDusterField. If there is only one CropDusterField on a given model then the field_identifier argument is unnecessary (it defaults to ""). But if there is more than one CropDusterField, field_identifier is a required field for the second, third, etc. fields. This is because it allows for a unique generic foreign key lookup to the cropduster image database table.

Admin Integration

Adding the cropduster widget to the django admin requires no extra work. Simply ensure that the field is included in the ModelAdmin class.

Template usage

To get a dictionary containing information about an image within a template, use the get_crop templatetag:

{% load cropduster_tags %}

{% get_crop obj.image 'large' as img %}

{% if img %}
    <img src="{{ img.url }}" alt="{{ alt_text }}" width="{{ img.width }}" height="{{ img.height }}"
         alt="{{ img.caption }}" />
    {% if img.attribution %}
        {{ img.caption }} (credit: {{ img.attribution }})
    {% endif %}
{% endif %}


To run the unit tests:

DJANGO_SELENIUM_TESTS=1 python manage.py test cropduster